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Professor Moliarty steals radioactive Canardium and causes a giant mutant spider.
&#39;Darkwing Duck&#39; has always been a show dear to my heart. One of those favourites from a young age that holds up really well, and is even more entertaining through adult eyes from appreciating the writing and stories even more. <br/><br/>Have been on a roll reviewing individual episodes for certain shows, animated, non-animated and of as many genres as possible (many as part of certain quests), and decided to do it with &#39;Darkwing Duck&#39; and some others. Something that, as expected and hoped, has proven to be a more than worthwhile project and experience. &quot;Aduckyphobia&quot; is not quite one of the best episodes, having said that it&#39;s still great.<br/><br/>Professor Moliarty as a villain is great fun. Jim Cummings voices him with a big amount of enthusiasm.<br/><br/>The animation is very colourful and atmospheric as always however. The music matches what is going on perfectly while it is impossible to forget one of the catchiest theme songs in animation. <br/><br/>Writing is witty, very funny without being too silly and thought-probing without being complicated. Things don&#39;t get too childish and it is all easy to follow. The story is compelling and lively in pace without being rushed, and executes a nice idea imaginatively without being too silly. Darkwing is an immensely likeable and fun title character and Launchpad never fails to bring a smile to my face. Gossalyn adds a lot of spunk and really spices things up even more, she is not a brat neither is she too overly-cute.<br/><br/>Jim Cummings fits Darkwing like a glove, it is always lovely to hear him in non-villain roles when he excels just as well in them. Christine Cavanaugh is a major part of why Gossalyn works so well as a character, and Terence McGovern is note-perfect for Launchpad.<br/><br/>Altogether, great and never less than that. 9/10 Bethany Cox

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