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With his cop companion shot and killed by terrorists, Reno The Dog pairs up with tough cop Jake in thwarting the criminal organization.
It tells you something when an ugly dog can act better than the one and only Chuck Norris…skip it
Beware of Top Dog. This movie is ruff. Directed by Aaron Norris, and starring his brother, martial artist and internet meme badass, Chuck Norris. The movie tells a cop, Jake Wilder (Chuck Norris), whom is force to partner with a police dog, Reno; when the dog's handler was killed by domestic terrorists. Now, Jake and Reno must stop the domestic terrorists from attacking a conference on unity that the Pope is attending. Can they stop them, or will the terrorists win out in the end? Watch the movie to find out! Without spoiling the movie, too much, I have to say this movie is very unoriginal. It is way too similar to other buddy cop dog films in the past, like 1989's K-9 and Turner & Hooch. The movie pretty much used every cop clich├ęs in the book as well; just really badly. First off, you got the two main characters, that the film pretty much want the audience to believe, are the odd couple. Still, surprising, they act, way too similar to each other. In terms of personality, they tend to follow the same pattern; which is both, being unpredictable loose cannon that often break the laws that they are trying to enforce, who often anger, their superior officer, Ken Callahan (Clyde Kusatsu). Honestly, the movie would have work, better, if one of them, were the straight-laced stickler for protocol, the other was the cowboy cop, but no; the movie doesn't do that. First off, you got a dog that doesn't even look like a police cop, at all. He looks way too cute, to a tough, believable train police animal. He looks like he's in the wrong movie. Shouldn't he be herding sheep in some odd Warner Bros cartoon? One of the biggest problems with Reno is how quiet, the dog is! Since, he's so inaudible, the movie felt that the dog scenes needed a little more sound. So, they redub Reno with a human being. The person doing sound effects for the dog was terrible at his/her job. Its sounds more, like them, masturbating, oddly than anything else. I also didn't like the home alone like booty traps that the dog set up for the bad guys. It really conflict with the rest of the film. Honestly, I don't know, who is this movie is made for! It looks like a kid's movie, but the movie does go a little over the top with the violent with people getting shot in the head, and car explosions. Many people dying in a bombing at an apartment complex, doesn't mixed well with goofy slapstick humor of the rest of the film. Also, the movie has way too racism overtones to be a kid's film. Anti-semitic rants doesn't match up, with the rest of the corny childish animal humor. I really hate the whole dog fair montage scene. It's pretty much filler, since it doesn't advance the story. Very pointless. It's like they added that scene, because they forgot that they were trying to make a movie that parents would bring their kids to. It seem so out of place. Surprising, unlike the other film versions that has the dog do messy things, the dog isn't the slob, here. It's Chuck Norris's character. It's really hard to believe that Chuck Norris's character would be, this lazy, and still be able to kick ass with Chun Kuk Do. If this was real life, he would have a really hard time, do roundhouse kicks, due to him, being overweight. The movie does have alright, fighting scenes, but the slow motion stunts, make it a bit implausible. The fight with the clowns was somewhat entertaining, but as much as I love Chuck Norris as an action star; I really don't know, if the action film's audience would find this interesting. The movie also have the ill-timing habit of being release, a few days after the 1995's Oklahoma City Bombing. This, pretty much, kill the movie, since the movie had a domestic white-supremacist terrorist bombing plot, going for it. Overall: This roundhouse movie lost its kick. This movie has no bite to its bark. It's pretty much, didn't live up to the woof. I don't recommended watching. I guess, I just dog-tired of films like this.

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