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In the year 2001 prisons are run like businesses. A new prisoner finds that the prison system is corrupt. When an old man is framed and murdered he strikes back. When prisoners are tortured for breaking rules he reaks unparalled havoc on the entire system.
In 2001 AD, all government institutions, including prisons, have become privatized. A young martial artist with a unique power named Ricky Ho is sent to serve ten years in prison for manslaughter and assault. Each prison block is led by the ruthless Gang of Four which are backed by the corrupt Assistant Warden, who becomes hellbent on killing Ricky.
This flick is absolutely crazy. It&#39;s pretty violent but definitely has a plot. Ricky is a mild mannered kid who is sent to prison in the not too distant future for manslaughter. Ricky is a kung fu expert but would prefer not to fight until a ruthless gang and the prison administration get in his way. Ricky fights a variety of bad guys all bent on killing Ricky and the other prisoners.<br/><br/>The gore in this movie is superb and it always manages to keep on line with the plot. This movie definitely isn&#39;t for those who have a weak stomach or take violence badly. For the rest of us, it&#39;s a rip-roaring romp through a violent prison setting that, although unrealistic, satisfies the craving for ultra-violence.
This is one of those movies with a very unassuming title, it sounds as if it could be a lifetime channel film, or an after school special. The story of ricky or as we know it &quot;Ricky oh&quot; is a complex film that asks no quarter, and gives none, just the most extreme splatter violence in the brief history of the year 1991. It&#39;s a movie that is both stomach turning, and hysterical. Characteristics of prison life are well choreographed (drug dealing, mob rule, shower beatings) while hopelessly false in others (people being strangled with their own guts, a whole jaw dismembered post uppercut). But we don&#39;t go to the movies for love, we go for spastic bloody violence! Which this movie delivers on absolutely all levels, buckets of blood-check, holes being punched clean through stomach-check, heads being slap exploded-check. This movie has a huge cult following, and you have to give it credit for crossing over to the mainstream. If you watched &quot;the daily show&quot; before Jon Stewart hosted it you might remember Craig Kilborn and his vivacious &quot;five questions&quot; which featured a clip of the head explosion during the questionnaire. As arcade sensation Mortal Kombat was on it&#39;s rise a series of sequels emerged, the character JAX performed a fatality where he &quot;clap&quot; explodes his opponent&#39;s head! It&#39;s a hell of a way to go don&#39;t you think? One minute your in prison getting raped in the butt and the next thing you know some goon is crushing your head to the point of explosion. Vaya con dios my friends, bring a napkin!

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